Off the mouth of the River Dart

Summer cruising in home waters 2019.

Ocean swells off Hawai'i

Pre-refit with the original full length boom and canvas sails.

Pottering on the River Lyhner

Close to home in South East Cornwall.

Hitch-hiking to the Arctic

On route to the Arctic with a cheeky passenger..

First glimpses of Svalbard

Landfall off the west coast of Spitzbergen in 2013.

Magdelena Fjord

Perfect tranquillity in northwest Svalbard in 2013.

All alone

Alone on an empty sea.

Racing hard

British Classic Yacht Club Regatta 2015. Image copyright Giovanni Cristofori

St Germans Quay

Venturing up the local drying creeks.

Anchor ball 'Eclipse'

Somewhere off Sicily.

Egadi anchorage

By the light of a Sicilian star studded sky in 2022.

In the shadow of Stromboli

Taken from Panarea 2022

Sveti Stefan

Montenegro 2022

Breezy off Vis

Approaching Komisca in a strong breeze 2022

Evening swim


In the heart of the city 2022

Home at the Castle

The Royal Yacht Squadron Haven in winter

Copenhagen 2023

Swedish mooring

Stockholm Archipelago 2023

Hidden away

Stockholm Archipelago 2023

Full speed off Finisterre

Riding the wave in a near gale.


Paddleboard expedition in Murcia, Spain.

Finding the way!

The chart table looking tidier than normal.

Twilight approach

Evening approach towards Cartagena (Spain).

Mallorca 2022

Sa Calobra before a big hike.


Somewhere, anywhere, who cares?.

Blue Moon

The view from below.

Candlelit dinner

Cockpit dining a la carte.


Ship's dog surveying progress at Bucklers Hard

Mournful moment

Svalbard 2013

Kite reach past Cowes

Trollsfjord, Lofoten Islands, Arctic Norway 2013

Walrus, Walrusses, Walrii, Walrae?

Svalbard 2013

Chilly on deck

As curious of us as we were of him (her?)

Svalbard 2013

Patreolling the beat

Close enough


The spitz and the bergen

Arctic Fox

Get orf my land - Pyramiden

Dressed overall

RYS Bicenteneary 2015

Veere in the Netherlands

A favourite during our time based at Breskens on the Westerschelde in 2008-9.

Close hauled to somewhere

Keeping the Logbook

A dragonfly hitchhiker

Off Menorca 2019

Under the light of a silvery moon.

Industrial archeology

Cartagena 2019


Morning dew

Somewhere in the Med

Enjoying a sporty ride

Sardinia 2021


Oporto 2021

River Douro Bridge quieter than normal because of Covid

Just looking to play

Muros, Galicia


A fine catch

Left or right?

Egadi anchorage

Aeolian sunset

Kotor, Montenegro 2022

Dubrovnik 2022

Submarine pens of Viz

Our Lady of the Pirates

Viz 2022

Cleaning the keel

Mid Atlantic Hi-Line

...and RV with HMS Illustrious

Thar she blows......!